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       We opened our studio in 2009 with only two artists Tom and Ball. After few years the studio has grown up and we now work with more artists with the same state of mind to maintain our professionalism and friendly atmosphere.

Our team is composed of highly experienced and competent people: Kin, the translator and the manager of the shop, Banky, the piercer and of course the tattoo artists several times awarded during tattoo conventions.

-Tom has a twelve years' experience in Thailand and abroad. He's specialized in oriental tattoos (dragon, koi fish, hannya...) but also do some other styles.

-Ball is a young prodigy with a six years' experience and amazing drawing skills. He does world class hyperrealistic tattoos, in colors or black and grey and likes to reinvent all kind of traditional tattoos to push it further. He travels the world to participate to the most prestigious tattoo conventions.

-Mor has a ten years' experience and likes old school and new school tattoos but also ornamental, graphic or lettering tattoos.

-Titun is a very talented artist who likes custom tattoos as old school, neo traditional, neo japanese and some realistic tattoos.

-Hack has a strong experience in tattooing and does water color style, polynesian, ornamental, old school, graphic, lettering...

-Jikky is a well-known artist in Thailand who participates to many conventions. He s specialized on realistic tattoos, black and grey or colour.

-Ballin' is the last artist to join our team. He used to work in another famous studio and he really likes doing black work, traditional or minimalist tattoos and more.

-Keng does the traditional handmade tattoos (sak yant). He doen t use a tattoo machine but a stick with new needles as they re used to do it for hundreds of years in south-east asia.

- We also have some guest artists  from all over Thailand coming for few weeks so we can propose our customers all the best Thailand has to offer.

      Our priorities are quality and hygiene. We use the best materiel on the market and respect the rules of hygienes to protect you and us.

Check out our photos and make up your opinion!

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          BKK INK was in Paris tattoo expo 2014, one of the biggest convention in the world with more than 300 of the best tattoo artists coming from all over the world and we're very proud to announce you that our artist BALL has won the first prize for "best back piece or bodysuit"  



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